Online advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

_Growing sales and high traffic at a low cost per click. Focus on conversions and leads
Startweb, Google's Bing Ads-certified partner digital marketing agency, creates online advertising campaigns for display on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, with two goals: to attract qualified traffic to sell products and services to interested customers, and awareness - branding company. Focus on conversions and leads.
We have over 20 years of experience in setting up Internet advertising campaigns, announcements and emailing (newsletter) both for Romania and for international markets: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland , USA, Great Britain, Australia etc. Certified specialists in Google Ads (Search and Display), Google Analytics and Bing Ads.

Google Ads Campaigns

For the Google Ads channel, after setting goals with the client, we conduct a keyword and audience study and propose a monthly budget to spend on advertising. We'll set up ad group campaigns based on product categories or customer service, with keywords, text ads, dynamic and customizable, with ad extensions: phone, location (address), links and additional information, snippets structured information etc. We also prepare the landing pages that your ads will lead to so that we get maximum conversions by visibly placing call to action buttons (buy, contact us, etc.) . Online advertising campaigns are continuously optimized to increase their performance and lower their cost per click.

Facebook Advertising and Instagram Campaigns

Advertising in these networks allows a very good segmentation of the public according to interests, studies, location and other demographic data. Facebook campaigns are recommended for both brand awareness and sales of products and services with ads that link either to your site / online store or to your Facebook page / Instagram account. . Startweb, the Facebook Advertising Agency, is constantly working to increase the performance of your configured campaigns and lower your cost-per-click (CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM).

Linkedin Ads Campaigns

This channel is great for recruiting staff and B2B advertising to other companies. Linkedin segmentation is by industry type, company size, function and occupation, location, and other criteria (age, gender) . Costs are slightly higher than other ad networks. But we know how to force Linkedin to run ads at minimal cost - we apply similar methods to Facebook and Google to spend less per click, while having good traffic.

Email marketing campaigns

We create successful email marketing campaigns with the Mailchimp platform. We apply email setup techniques to ensure optimal delivery and avoid spam. We also offer advice on how to write these emails and choose an exciting topic to increase your opening rate. Last but not least, email content is very important, as is the call to action (buy, learn more, contact us, etc.) . We deliver advanced reports on the performance of email marketing campaigns and optimization recommendations.

Sponsored Articles

We write native and advertorial articles on any topic to increase brand awareness and generate quality external links (useful for SEO). We have a wide network of partners - premium online publications, such as online press and specialty blogs, where we will publish sponsored articles. 


We invite you to find out the work experience of some clients. We have selected some messages from those posted by customers and partners in our Google Maps account, where you can read dozens of opinions, all marked with 5 stars.
With Startweb and especially with Gabriel Draghia, we have been collaborating since June 2021, providing advice for Radaway Romania in online communication and the implementation, monitoring and adjustment of Google Ads campaigns. They proved to us in the last few months that we have a professional, involved partner with us, who will help us to run campaigns with a result - a very good cost. 

Dorin Spataru - Radaway Romania Administrator

Our experience is very positive. We work with Startweb campaigns on LinkedIn in several languages and for various markets. The involvement is total, very close, they are always ready for anything. A great success.

José López Mancha - Wideum CEO, Spain

Startweb is in charge of my Adwords campaigns and their work has doubled the number of my clients in one month, while keeping advertising expenses at an acceptable level. Congratulations on the job done!

Pierre Boyer - Entrepreneur, France

We started our digital strategy from the ground with Startweb and currently we are very pleased with the new users, conversions and leads KPIs. Recommended.

Liviu Carcia - btProvider Managing Partner, Romania

How much does an online advertising campaign cost?

The price of creating, managing and optimizing a weekly online advertising campaign for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and email marketing is tailored to the specifics of the web project. Aside from this cost, you'll pay your advertising budget for your ad on the advertising networks of your choice.
We offer online marketing consulting to determine your spending budget so that you can reach your business goals with an effective ROI / CPA.