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_Website and online store keyword optimization, SEO. Organic traffic from the Google search engine
Google's partner marketing agency, Startweb, is working on optimizing site and online store SEO services to get organic traffic from the Google search engine.
We optimize web pages for both desktop and desktop searches. and for those on the mobile phone, on page (keywords and technical SEO - page speed, error correction, etc.) and off page (external links to the site - backlinks).
Find below the online marketing agency customer experience and ranking results - keywords that rank them in the Google search engine.

How do we work SEO?

The first step is the analysis through a web audit. We analyze on a technical level the online site / store (source code, published texts, indexing in Google), the social networks of your company, the opportunities for improvement and we propose solutions to correct the problems encountered. We integrate web auditing and thus improve the performance of your site / store

The second step is the Keyword Study. We analyze your competitors, use Google suggestions and data, and then propose keywords that will work and drive qualified traffic for you: new customers. We use advanced tools to build an optimal Keyword Strategy.

The third step is the SEO Plan in which we use the Audit remarks and keywords in the Strategy to propose optimizations for the web pages so that the site / store is more visible in Google and found by several potential customers. This SEO Plan includes a special chapter for e-commerce with optimization tips for online stores. The SEO plan will propose a content strategy (articles) for the blog.

The fourth step is the Backlinks Study (external links from other sites to yours). We analyze the current situation, which are the sites that have links to you, we analyze the competitors and we propose solutions to increase the number of backlinks: thus the optimization at SEO level will be continuously improved.

Monitoring and evaluating SEO optimizations. Monthly on-page and off-page changes and improvements.

SEO articles - content writing for the site

We write SEO articles with unique, interesting texts, both for the blog and native or advertorial articles that contain links to your site - these backlinks are do follow and are important for the SEO, increasing the keywords Google ranking.


We invite you to read some of the opinions of our clients, written in our Google Maps account, where many comments and a total of 5 stars were collected. We hope that their experience will make you decide to work together.

We rebuilt our website with Startweb,, and then we started the contract of SEO campaigns and social networking campaigns. We are very satisfied with the company's activity, gaining more traffic and customers every month. 

Alex Puig - Manager at Vivers Ter, Spain

In 2021 we had our first collaboration for a more complex online marketing project, paid ads in LinkedIn and SEO. The Startweb team was very helpful and I am glad that we were able to work together to deliver all the activities included in the initial plan. Personally, my feedback was helpful and I recommend their services.

Ovidiu Lazar - Ovla Media Management Manager, Romania

I am using service of Starweb in Romania for 3 years now and I will in the future, Customer service is excellence and they just do the job done. I don't have to go into details it just work our SEO in just few months of new project we are number 2 in Romania when we talked about organic traffic. Working on being number one. Definitely recommend that agency.

Przemysław Gąsiorowski - VIN Info Marketing Manager, Poland

We send monthly Google Desktop and Google Mobile Ranking Reports to your site and your competitors to find out how you are in your keywords of interest - where you are in Google. This search engine sometimes places you differently on your mobile and computer (desktop) on a specific keyword in the Strategy, depending on the optimization of the webpage. We send monthly organic traffic reports from Google Analytics.

How much does SEO optimization for organic site traffic cost

The price for SEO services is tailored to the specifics of the web project.We would like to know you and to talk about your web site or online store keyword optimization - SEO: