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Startweb offers consulting services, account creation, administration, strategies, content publishing and monthly reports for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok or Linkedin. We may also conduct a social media web audit at the beginning of your performance to analyze your social media presence, competitors, and buzz: what social media says about your brand, products, and services
You don't just want a social media account, you want to be loved by your customers (likes & shares)!
We also include Google Maps in the social networking department because this file has, in addition to the data that allow the geo-location of a business (phone, address, site, etc.) and customer feedback. Just like on social media, Google Maps comments need immediate feedback from your business or a Startweb community manager.

Social media portfolio


We invite you to read some of the opinions of our customers, written in our Google Maps account, where many comments and a total of 5 stars were collected. We hope that their experience will make you work together.

rating 5 stele
I hired the services of Startweb more than three years ago and I am very happy with the great work they do both in terms of SEO and social media. They are very serious and professional. I recommend your services to all companies and / or individuals who want more internet traffic and attract new customers. Keep it up, you're the best!

Florentina Marin - Lawyer, Marin& Pasalodos Founder, Barcelona - Spain

rating 5 stele
From the beginning of its activity as an international digital marketing agency, Vieilles Vignes de France has entrusted Startweb with the responsibility of its SEO campaigns and its maintenance of the website. One year ago, we worked together to redesign our website, which we are very happy with. I recommend this agency for its professionalism, dynamism, listening and the sympathy of its team.

Laurent Doreau - CEO at Vieilles Vignes de France

rating 5 stele
Our experience is very positive. We work with Startweb campaigns on LinkedIn in different languages and in different markets. The involvement is total, very close, I am always ready for anything. A great success.

José López Mancha - CEO Wideum, Spain

rating 5 stele
We started our digital strategy from the ground with Startweb and currently we are very pleased with the new users, conversions and leads KPIs. Recommended.

Liviu Carcia - btProvider Managing Partner, Romania

How much do social media services cost?

The online marketing agency Startweb proposes a monthly cost adapted to the particularities of the web project for social networks, the Google Maps file, consulting services (which social networks suit you), competition analysis, administration and regular publication of content. In the Google Maps tab, we can make a number of optimizations, some of which are from the Startweb brand, that instantly increase visibility: you're one of the first to appear on Google Maps. We'll also periodically post content to the Maps tab to bring qualified traffic to your site. Click for information on social media and Google Ads advertising campaigns.

Restoring e-Reputation

This service is in high demand in recent years and involves handling negative comments or certain results in the Google search engine that are unpleasant for a business or the name of a businessman. Startweb has unique solutions to counteract these situations and restore online reputation. Recently, for an international client, we managed to move to the second page of Google results a defamatory web page that appeared when searching for his name in the TOP 10 searches with the name of that company, after only 5 months of service. In the reputation service I worked on backlinks, I developed new pages in the client's sites, I optimized existing web pages, I activated in social networks, in blogs and forums, etc.

Are you interested in managing your social networks? Do you need a professional community manager to increase the visibility of your company / products and services on social media? Write to us or call us to find out about your social media project, and after a careful analysis we will send you a personalized offer.